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Automotive Electronics and More

Don't have a shocking experience; leave your automotive electronic worries in our hands. Our expertise covers more than just speakers and televisions. At Kustom Auto Radio in Dodge City, Kansas, we are familiar with any item in your car that runs off electricity. We take your simple car and turn it into an electronic marvel on four wheels.

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Repairing Your Car's Features

Come in for a free consultation and estimate of automotive electronic repair costs. When you notice hitches in the way your car operates, we are your go-to guys for automotive electronic reparation. We can fix your cruise control, automatic locks and windows, and keyless entry system. Doctoring life-saving airbags is another area in which we thrive.

When the basic electrical components of your car are on the fritz, we have the know-how and instruments to correct the issue. We are able to troubleshoot and program General Motors™ modules, as well as rewire any factory defects in your car's electrical system. We carry a wide selection of aftermarket and OEM (original equipment manufactured) parts from Pioneer™ to mend any glitch your car may have.

Technological Innovations for Gearheads

Be the first on your block to get this tech. In a world of awesome technological devices, we know how to integrate different features into your car. We install remote car starters to warm your car in winter, and backup cameras to ensure safe reversals. We can also integrate your Bluetooth™ to allow for hands-free calling. We equip your car with the latest in helpful tools and safeguards.

Securing Your Ride

Stop thieves in their tracks with a new security system. We sell many items from Viper™, the leading producer of car alarms and remote starters. One of their most popular advances that we incorporate into cars is an app on your smartphone that allows you to locate, start, and even control your car. We know that your car is special to you; we can help you protect it.